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We offer the following types of listings:
No Setup Fee! No Monthly Fee!

  1. $10(US) per year text listing link to your existing website from one category. Additional categories at $5 per year each.
    Campground listings will all be at All Campgrounds - Please fill in the form there!

  2. $100(US) per year website design & hosting - 4 photos (additional photos available at $5 each per year), 8,000 words, email link, listing in 3 categories (additional category listings at $5(US) per year each), listing on approximately 500 search engines & links pages. We can use your existing website for the photos and information OR we can scan photos that you send to us. PLEASE DO NOT SEND SLIDES OR NEGATIVES - PRINTS ONLY! Payment is due upon approval of the website and after it has been "published".

  3. $50(US) for Website Submission of an existing site (not on Fulltiming America) to approximately 200,000 search engines, directories & free-for-all sites (site will be submitted initially & then again in 6 months)
    Payment is due in advance.

Changes are charged at $10(US) per occurrence after initial publication of a banner, website, or domain. Annual fee for unlimited changes are available.
TERMS OF PAYMENT: Payment in full is due UPON RECEIPT of the email invoice sent to you upon activation of your listing.
Listings for businesses outside the USA will not be activated until payment is received in US funds only.

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I am interested in the following types of listings (check all that apply):
$10 Text Link - but NOT campgrounds - Go to our All Campgrounds website.
$100 Website - Complete with 4 photos, 8,000 words & listing on search engines!
$300 Domain
$50 Search Engine Submission of my existing site
Please get all info & photos for my new website from my existing URL
I will mail you photos and text descriptions for my new website
I prefer to pay by check or money order.

PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to establish a PayPal account in order to make a payment through PayPal with one of the above credit cards.

To help us improve the direction of our marketing efforts,
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Most web design companies stop after a site is designed and online.
�Here's your web page. Good luck.�
Luck has nothing to do with it. Diligent and creative marketing efforts do.

There are millions of web pages available for viewing on the World Wide Web and the numbers are growing all the time. Yours will be but one. You can have the most attractive and potentially most effective site on the net, but if no one knows about it, no one will visit it.

First and foremost, your site must be listed with as many search engines as possible.

Fulltiming America will list your website on approximately 500 search engines, directories and free-for-all link sites as a part of your Website or Domain Package.

Marketing efforts shouldn't end there, though. We encourage all our clients to list their website/domain everywhere they can, especially the topic-specific directories on the Internet.

Please send us the listing information and we will get started right away!

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