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The #1 Rated Guide For RV Buyers
Over 10,000 Copies Sold Since 2001

This is what Chuck Woodbury, noted author and editor of hundreds of articles on Rvs and the RV lifestyle, had to say about the RV Buyers Survival Guide: "No other book on the market today addresses the basic fear of most new RV buyers --of being "taken"--of paying much more than the dealer would have accepted. In it he reveals what you will not find in any other RV book I know of, the "do's" and "don'ts" that can make a huge difference in how much a buyer pays for an RV. If you plan to buy an RV, you MUST read this book first."

"I just had to write to tell you about my experience with your book! I read it twice and went directly to the dealer that had the 5th wheel I was interested in buying. After loading up on options, I calculated both his and my price and was prepared to make an offer. Along the way, I had dropped some hint words that I picked up from your book and the dealer seemed to know I was knowledgeable in what I was doing. To my surprise, he came back to me with a bid only $75 higher than I would have offered. I signed right then and there. Your book saved me $8,000 and the wisdom of what to look for in a dealer has made me confident that I have done so. Thank you."

"We just finished reading the survival guide and our eyes have truly been opened to the realities of buying an RV. There is so much information in this guide that one should know before buying. Mr Randall is truly an expert on RVs and I do think with the information we now have, we will make the right choice in our purchase and we will save thousands of dollars off the list price as he says. I would have paid for more for this book had I only known all the value it has. Keep up the great work Bob you are truly doing the buying public a great service in sharing this insider information."


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