Propane (LP Gas) Availability

If you know of a business with propane (LP gas) for sale along the interstates that we have missed, or one that is misrepresented here and no longer in service, please fill in our Handy-dandy quick form and let us know so we can keep our list up-to-date!

I-35Exit 18Phillips 66
I-35Exit 26Amoco
I-35Exit 42BAmoco
I-35Exit 69Conoco
I-35Exit76 Phillips 66
I-35Exit 85Sinclair
I-35Exit 131Amoco; Super America
I-35Exit 135Fina
I-35Exit 147Phillips 66; Total
I-35Exit 249Holiday
I-35EExit 98Fina
I-35EExit 11276
I-35EExit 117Amoco
I-35EExit 123Texaco
I-35WExit 276
I-35WExit 36Fina
I-90Exit 87Beaver Trails Campground
I-90Exit 119Sinclair
I-90Exit 146Cenex
I-90Exit 175Phillips 66
I-90Exit 178AAmoco
I-90Exit 179Citgo
I-90Exit 183Cenex
I-90Exit 233Texaco
I-94Exit 50Texaco
I-94Exit 54Holiday
I-94Exit 55Interstate Ink
I-94Exit 135Mobil
I-94Exit 153Phillips 66
I-94Exit 178Holiday
I-94Exit 193Amoco; Ferrelogas; Total
I-94Exit 202Conoco
I-94Exit 207Holiday; Sinclair
I-94Exit 24576; Super America
I-494Exit 16ABTotal
I-494Exit 26Sinclair
I-694Exit 43AAmoco

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